University Miami, 11-12-1971

The Cowl, May 1969
Probably a misprint. Not 1970 but 1971.

with Juicy Lucy in a japanese magazine (1972)

Robin Williamson in an interview , Musin' Music Magazine No 6, 1987
Mike Heron in an interview , Musin' Music Magazine No 6, 1987

Anti-War Poem (for Robert Harris)

by Ted Berrigan

It's New Year's Eve, of 1968 & a time
for Resolution.

I don't like Engelbert Humperdink.

I love the incredible String Band.

The War goes on
& war is Shit.

I'll sing you a December song.

It's 5 below zero in Iowa City tonight.

This year I found a warm room
I could go to
be alone in
& never have to fight.

I didn't live in it.

I thought a lot about dying
But I said fuck it.
Foto: Melody Maker, 23.11.1974

Filmstill "Clockwork Orange"

The last auction of rock & popmemorabilia in the Utrecht Jaarbeurs was a great success. (...) The top 5 of the most expensive items sold consists completely of posters:

1. concert poster for Incredible Stringband from 1967: € 2003, -