SOLO WORKS - Robin Williamson - until 1974

Edinburgh Folk Festival: Volume One
LP - Decca LK 4546 - 1963
Jazz Bo's Holiday — Clive Palmer & Robin Williamson

LP - Island - 1972

Q: How did you come to do the "Myrrh" record (1972)?

RW: That was at the time when the String Band was starting to go into two directions. Mike getting more into electric...

Q: With "Smiling men with bad reputations".

RW: Quite. I thought that I would do something on my own really, that would wind up some of the things that weren't really suitable for the current line-up of the band and there're a few things on there that I still like. I think that it would have been better to take more time and to have done it with more musicians. I ended up playing a lot of it myself, but there are some nice things on that album.

(Swing 51, August 1979)

The copy style songbook mentions "I See Us All Get Home" and "Rends-Moi Demain" as tracks of a single. Obviously it was never realized.

RW: Only a fraction of the stuff did we ever record and also there was a lot of stuff that was never even made into song which remained as poems, so finally round about 1970 I put out a book of poetry called "Home thoughts from abroad", which featured all' the writing that I'd done between 1966 and '70, that hadn't been recorded.
(Swing 51, August 1979)

The Poetry Of Rock: contains poems and lyrics by Robin Williamson (1969)
Another book: Other Voices Of Albion (1974)

Bootleg of some of the first live recordings after the split