“Reading through my son's copy of Mojo Collections (Spring 2001), I saw reference in the article on Pink Floyd to a gig in Southampton in late January 1968. I can give you and your readers some more information on this. The gig was on Friday 26 January in the Students' Union of Southampton University. It was the biggest event of the Spring term, going by the grand title of 'Evolutions' and running from 9pm to 2am. I was a member of a student crew called 'Stage Admin' who did the lighting and set up the disco gear (in those days, few bands brought their own lighting).

“PF weren't the only act that night. On the same stage, we had Chicken Shack (Stan Webb and Christine Perfect/McVie) and Nelson's Column, the resident student band. But upstairs in the 'TV room' (low lighting and sit on the floor), there was John Peel with the Incredible String Band AND Tyrannosaurus Rex. I remember finding Bolan wandering around in the early evening and taking him upstairs to show him the stage and settle him in.