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Elektra EUK 261, 1967

ISB: First Girl I Loved

Fantastic Folk

Elektra EUK 259, 1968 (mono)

ISB: Maybe Someday

Underground & Psychedelic

Elektra H 876/5 , Germany

ISB: No Sleep Blues

Elektra HJE 155 / NL 1968


Elektra Germany 1968

Kings Of Pop Music, Vol. 2
Elektra/Vogue SLVLXEK 390, France 1968
ISB: Eyes Of Fate


Elektra SMLP 009 / 1968 Germany

ISB: Eyes of Fate

Off II - Hallucinations - Psychedelic Underground

Twen-Metronome KMLP 310 / 1969 Germany

ISB: A Very Cellular Song

Elektra´s Best Vol. 1

Elektra EB 1, 1969, 2 LP

ISB: Air / First Girl I Loved


Elektra ELS 890 / NL
ISB: Mercy I Cry City

Begin Here

Elektra EUK 261, 1969 [EUKS 262 / stereo - ?]

ISB: Mercy I Cry City

Incredible String Band / Ginger Baker's Airforce

AFRTS (Armed Forces Radio & TV Service)
ISB: 6 tracks of "U"

Elektra Promo 45

single, PRO 5 / UK 1970

Promotional single with samples of tracks of ISB and others

Garden Of Delights

Elektra S 310 / 1971 3 LP

ISB: Air

Garden Of Delights

2 LP, Elektra ESP 9001
/ 1971, Elektra S3
ISB: Air


Incredible String Band / Canned Heat

Armed Forces Radio & TV Service)
RL 39-2 , P-13192
1 side: 6 tracks of "Liquid Acrobat As Regards The Air" (P-13192)
1 side: Historical Figures and Ancient Heads (P-13191)

Display Case Vol 10

Promo Triple Vinyl album in box
1971 Pro542
ISB: My Father Was A Lighthouse Keeper

Elektra October Releases

EK-Promo-7, 9/71 ISB: Everything´s Fine Right Now / The Letter

Reps Sampler for November Release

Island REP-1, Oct. 1971 (promo) ISB: Red Hair / Talking of the End

El Pea

Island, 1971

ISB: Waiting For You  

Taking Off Soundtrack

MCA MUPS 434, 1971

Decca DL 79181, 1971
ISB: Air

Elektra January Releases
EK-Promo-8, 1/72, 2 LP

ISB: Evolution Rag

Pick Of The Pops

11 LP, BBC 1972

ISB: Won´t you come see me / Beautiful Stranger

Days Of Wine And Vinyl

WB/Reprise WB PRO 540, 1972

ISB: My Father Was A Lighthouse Keeper


WB PRO 569, 2 LP, 1973

ISB: Second Fiddle  

Elektrock: The Sixties

4 LP, Elektra 60403 / 1985

ISB: Way Back In The 1960´s

Island Life: 25 Years of Island Records

7 LP, Island IBX 25, 1988
4 cassettes

ISB: Dear Old Battlefield

Psychedelic Archives - # 3 Folk Rock, Tape 1
Double Pack Cassettes, Strange Things, 1989

ISB: Water Song

Psychedelic Archives - # 3 Folk Rock, Tape 2
Double Pack Cassettes, Strange Things, 1989

ISB: Painting Box

The Psychedelic Years

4LP, Knight Records PSDLP 47003 / 1990
3 CD, Castle PSDCD 47003 / 1992
3CD: Sequel NXTCD 221 / 1992
ISB: Painting Box

Psychedelic Years Revisited

3 LP,
CD: Sequel NXT 222, 1992
ISB: Log Cabin Home In The Sky

RCD Classic Rock Collection Vol. 11 Hippy Chic

CD, Release Date 1993

ISB: Jane

RCD Live Collection Vol. 15

Bonus-CD for magazine, United Leisure RCD15 / UK 1993
ISB: The Circle Is Unbroken

The Rykodisc/Hannibal Fall '94 Collection

Rykodisc 1994 for Promotion only

ISB: Air

Folk Routes

Island IMCD 197/524031-2 , 1994

ISB: Black Jack Davy  

Troubadours of British Folk

Release Date: 1995

ISB: First Girl I Loved

Starship: Psychedelic Compilation
CD, Mercury 208842
, 1995
ISB: Talking of the End

Island 40th, Vol. 3 - Acoustic Waves

Island 524376-2, 1998

ISB: Dear Old Battlefield

And Who Knows Where The Tyme Goes

CD, Debutante 565 616-2 / 1998

ISB: Witch's Hat

Hideous Kinky Soundtrack

WIL 33663 , Released: 1999
ISB: World´s They Rise And Fall

Woodstock 69
Laserdisc, Nippon Columbia COBY-90021, 1999
ISB: When You Found Out Who You Are

Folk Legends - A Rich Harvest Of Folk

(CD) Crimson Productions CRIMCD 270 (2000)
ISB: Lover Man

Listen, Listen - Warlock Music
A Rykomusic Sampler No. 1

(2-CD) Rykodisc PRCD VRS001 (2000), US
- For Promotional Use Only -
ISB: Worlds They Rise And Fall

Legends of Folk Rock

Dejavu Retro R2CD 42-16, 2001
ISB: First Girl I Loved , The Eyes Of Fate , The Mad Hatter´s Song ,
The Circle Is Unbroken

Acid Drops, Spacedust & Flying Saucers:
Psychedelic Confectionery from the UK Underground, 1965-1969

EMI 5350782 , Released: August 2001

ISB: Witch´s Hat

The Acoustic Folk Box

Topic TSFCD4001 , Released: 2002

ISB: First Girl I Loved

Follow The Music
The Life And High Times of Elektra Records

Book & Limited Edition CD, 2002

ISB: Way Back In The 1960´s

Troubadours Of Folk
The 60´s Acoustic Explosion

2 CD, Castle Music / 2003

ISB: Frutch

Beginner´s Guide To Folk Music

3CD, Nascente / 2003
ISB: Gently Tender

Global Roots - Island Folk

2 CD, 2003
ISB: My Father Was a Lighthouse Keeper, Jigs, Darling Belle, Worlds They Rise and Fall

The Peace & Love Generation

6 CD, 2004
ISB: First Girl I Loved

Strange Coincidences In Speciality Tea Trading

CD, Osmosys 2005

ISB: Chinese White (2004 version)

Strangely Strange But Oddly Normal

3 CD, Island Island 982 295-0 / 2005

ISB: Painted Chariot

Andres Lokko Folk

2 CD Amigo AMSCD 114 / 2005

ISB: Air

Anthems In Eden
An Anthology of British & Irish Folk 1955 - 1978

CD Castle 2006

ISB: God Dog

Strange Folk

Albion STRGCD01, 2006

ISB: Saturday Maybe

1971 - Ein Jahr und seine 20 Songs

CD Süddeutsche Zeitung LC 11683, GER 2006

ISB: Dear Old Battlefield

White Bicycles

CD Fledg'ling, UK 2006

ISB: Way Back In The 1960s / Chinese White

Scarborough Fair - The Best Of English Folk

3 CD, Sanctuary 2006

ISB: Oh Did I Love A Dream

Forever Changing - The Golden Age Of Elektra 1963-1973

5 CD, Rhino / 2006

ISB: First Girl I Loved / Swift As The Wind

Freak Folk
Rolling Stone Rare Trax 48

CD, Rolling Stone, GER 2006

ISB: Spirit Beautiful (4:06)

This Is Folk

3 CD, Union Square Music METRTCD820 / 2006

ISB: First Girl I Loved

Anthology Of English Folk

5 CD, Deja Vu 5X026 / 2006

ISB: First Girl I Loved, The Eyes of Fate, The Mad Hatter's Song, The Circle Is Unbroken

The Essential Guide To Folk Music

3 CD, Union Square, 2007

ISB: First Girl I Loved

New Folk Routes

CD, Revola CRREV 237 / 2008

ISB:  Black Jack David

From The Coffeehouse

CD, Hear Music / 2008 (Starbuck compilation)

ISB:  First Girl I Loved

Coodabeen Champions Present Underneath The Radar

CD, ABC Music / 2008 Aus

ISB: Painting Box

Evergreen: The Best Of Rykomusic and Warlock Music Volume One

CD / 2008
ISB: Worlds They Rise And Fall

The All New Electric Muse
The Journey From Folk To Rock

Universal Music 531 276-9 (3 CD, UK, November 10, 2008)

ISB: First Girl I Loved, Black Jack David

Mojo Presents Island Folk

CD / Mojo magazine issue June 2009 / 187

Meet On The Ledge: An Island Records Folk-Rock Anthology

3CD / Island 2009
ISB: Dear Old Battlefield, Black Jack David

My Generation - Woodstock & Revolution

CD, Sony 2009 / GER (CD 9 of 26)

ISB: This Moment

Woodstock 40

6 CD Boxset / 2009

17 The Incredible String Band The Letter 3:18
18 The Incredible String Band When You Find Out Who You Are 9:31

Woodstock 40

2 CD, Rhino, 2009

ISB: The Letter

Ludlow Garage 40th Anniversary

2 CD / 1 DVD, Shake It Records 2009

ISB: This Moment (live)

Island 50 Super Deluxe Boxset

9 CDs / 2009
Painted Chariot, Dear Old Battlefield, Black Jack David

Under the Influence of Alice: Music Inspired by the Classic Tale

CD Barnes & Nobles / UK 2010
ISB: The Madhatter's Song

The Story of British Folk

2 CD
Spectrum SPECXX2035/ 2010

ISB: See Your Face And Know You / First Girl I Loved

Dust On The Nettles
A Journey Through The British Underground Folk Scene 1967 - 72

3 CD Grapefruit / 2015
ISB: First Girl I Loved

Folk - 5 Classic Albums
Whole CD: 5000 Spirits and ...

5 CD
Rhino 2017

Beautiful Freaks: Waving Our Flag High. Wave On. Wave On
Music From The Original Counter-Culture

ISB: Way Back In The 1960s
TAD 2CD, 2019

Strangers In The Room
Cherry Red 2019
ISB: Oh Did I Love A Dream

Revolution: Underground Sounds Of 1968
Esoteric ECLEC 326622019
ISB: The Half-Remarkable Question

Woodstock - Back To The Garden: The Definitive 50th Anniversary Archive

Rhino Records – R2 591472, Cotillion – 303497851683
38 x CD, Compilation, Stereo
Blu-Ray, Compilation, Stereo
Box-Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered, Stereo
Complete ISB set, CD 14

Think I'm Going Weird

Grapefruit/Cherry Red CRSEGBOX100, 2021
ISB: The Madhatter's Song

High Grass Vol. 1

ISB: Witches Hat

Sitar Cerebrations Vol. 2

CDR, Unofficial Release
(?> SITCER-009, Part 9 of a set of 11 Cds)

ISB: Painting Box

Sounds of the Sixties: Love & Peace

2 CD, Time Life TLSCC 20
Disc Two has: Painting Box

Psychedelic Era, Volume Two

2 CD, Sounds Direct Records H222/9548356172

ISB: A Very Cellular Song

Serie Pioneros

Promo LP, WEA Spain

ISB: Painting Box

Transcription Discs

Beatgæst : Per Nørgård præsenterer plader med Donovan, Love, The Incredible String Band,. Nico og The Velvet Underground

CD: Danmarks Radio, 1969 (Serie: Vor tids musik, 691126)

Pick Of The Pops

11 LP, BBC 1972

ISB: Won´t you come see me / Beautiful Stranger

BBC Transcription Disc

BBC 130057

ISB:  Secret Temple , Restless Night (live in the studio)

BBC Transcription Disc

Top of the Pops - 470

BBC 133958 / Nov. 1973

ISB: Dreams of No Return, Jane, Dear Old Battlefield

BBC Transcription Disc

Top of the Pops - 423 (Pops extra 423)

BBC 131758 / 14 December 1972 (released 13.12.72)

ISB: Black Jack Davey

BBC Transcription Disc

One side: ISB, other side: Plainsong


Texas International Pop Festival Sampler
Dallas 30.8.-1.9.1969

2 CD Live Bootleg

ISB: Waiting For You / Black Jack David

Texas International Pop Festival
Dallas 30.8.-1.9.1969

3 CD Box

ISB: Waiting For You / Black Jack David

Texas International Pop Festival Vol. 12

13 CD Box

ISB: Waiting For You / Black Jack David

John Peel's Perfumed Garden

Bootleg 2 CDR
/ 2003

ISB: Chinese White / No Sleep Blues / Painting Box / Mad Hatter's Song (album versions)

John Peel's Perfumed Garden - Final Show

5 CDR / 2002

ISB: Mad Hatter's Song

John Peel's Top Gear 27-12-1969

Bootleg 2 CDR

ISB:  This Moment (session)

Freak Out!

2-CD collection of songs from 1966-78 that attempts to paint a picture of the political & ideological struggles of the era.

Edition of 40 hand-crafted packaging, illustrations by Karl Erickson
ISB: Minotaur's Song, A Very Cellular Song